A new era

PeeteeLab strives to be involved in the passage of science into the 21st century, we exist to help the youger generation open their minds to classical science and more importantly, - to navigate the curious rabbit hole of Quantum Physics. It is the arrival of this new ''quantum science'' - which has triggered a paradigm shift in our society.

The present influence of science on society

Our present environment requires the implementation of new concepts and methodologies. This is especiially true, - since the scientific benefits of technology have become confusing when it comes to the distribution of these benefits and their potential negative effects. Current capabilities of science demonstrate a simple, short term field of view. In our past way of thinking, - success was all dictated by the exploration of earthly ressources, as well as promoting improvement in the quality of everyday life, - putting aside values of sustainability. Conversely, we must now use a methodology for assuring quality science management within a framework of sustainable development.

New requirements in education

Indeed, it has become essential to enable the achievement in the objectives of both values ; quantitative (access to knowledge) and qualitative (human resources and content). All our projects are part of an intuitive logic which stipulates that we must be focused on openness, awareness of classical science, and the applications of technology, balanced with respect for sustainable development.

Manage with a gouvernance that is integrated in a sustainable vision and modern science

Feel free to contact us for more information about our general approach for a better and more popular approach towards science.


Citation: La source de la peur est dans l'avenir, et qui est libérré de l'avenir n'a rien à craindre. (Milan Kundra 1929)