General manager

Peetee laboratory services are administered by the non-profit organization registered in the name of "The Gold Foundation International." Its management was entrusted to Mr. Raymond Lavas, published author and expert on "Communication Technology" and "Information Security". Mr. Lavas has excellent high-level contacts with U.S. governments as well as large companies in California and elsewhere in the United States. It is an independent scientist and has no certificate, except in the radio communications industry.



Quality assurance director

The laboratory Peetee also relies on a local team which, Serge Vachon professional technologist, as well as a special collaboration with the U.S. specializing in the Biefeld-Brown and high voltages.

The organization offers products and training services, technical assistance, research and development. The organization is open to its environment and the world that seeks to create and sustain alliances with numerous partners of classical science and the science of the 21st century;

The laboratory Peetee, a sustainable vision for the future.