The man in black

The story of the men in black (abbreviated MIB) is a term used to describe a group of characters present in American folklore and various conspiracy theories, whose aim, -it is said, - would be to prevent humanity, or less the general public access knowledge from extra-terrestrial.

Black Projects

In the United States and United Kingdom, a black project is a classified military defense project (top secret) / no publicly acknowledged by the government, military personnel and defense contractors. The black project is often seen with a certain moral contempt and / or opinions. Our organization is interested in projects that have made marginal. One of the realities that we cultivate is the definition of FORCE (F = m • a). This brief explanation shows our starting point and interest in science and the famous marginally-understood Biefeld-Brown force. One of our goals is to find the hidden history and formulas used to understand and exploit this new force. It is very important to realize that the importance of the experiments conducted in France (in 1957) by Thomas Townsend Brown (photo) and employees of the company "Aviation Sud-Ouest". These Laboratory Experiments failed to demonstrate the classical formulas of science. In fact when observing the displacement of a high voltage energized condenser, it was curiously amazing to come to the realization that we could no longer use “Coulomb's law” to model with accuracy the empirical effects that were observed in the experiments which demonstrated this new force




The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

There continues to be a general interest in studying the subject of UFOs and all of its components within our society. This paradox resembles the great thesis of the philosopher and historian of science; Thomas Kuhn Samuel. In "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions," he recalls science as progressing by leaps and bounds, not because of rational accumulation of knowledge but in terms of breaks, shifting paradigms. PeeteeLab understands the difficulties linked to the changes and we offer our support to help the transition to a new model of society and sustainable techno-scientific.

Your host

Our project of the passengers of the science of the 21st century uses the character of the man in black to keep our young generation interested in learning various topics including classical science, new science and “fringe science". As you can see, the choice of our domain is intimately linked to projects which are presently using Biefeld-Brown force. Our man in black known under the codename "Tromprenard 'wishes, -along with several other scientists and collaborators to introduce this science to the next generation because it is high time that the work of Dr. Brown be exposed to the open scientific community.