In 1955 Jaques Cornillon of Aviation Sud-Ouest (A French aircraft manufacturer), -and Thomas Townsend Brown concluded a contract to research the mysterious Beifeld/Brown force. The resulting French Laboratory report was released in 2011 by Mr. Cornillon just before his death. The project report has now been professionally translated and is available as a downloaded 125 page .PDF document. It comes with illustrations,mathematics,and graphs. This 100 page+ report is yours for the small translation fee of $5.95 by clicking the pay-pal button. Once your transaction has been processed, you will be directed to the actual English version of the lab report. You may then open it and save it on your own computer. To proceed simply click on the BUY NOW button.

Project Montgolfier pictures

Tracking and Locating Systems

While this volume of the CCS SecuritySource Library covers directional radio transmission and reception in great depth, it does not address numerous issues that are included in other volumes of this series, nor was it intended to do so.
What is does very successfully is to provide virtually a self-contained course of study in highly technical personnel and assets tracking technology, including some of the fundamentals of electronics, antennas and dead reckoning systems. .
The first chapter provides some deep background with a history of radio, starting with its earliest experimenters and highlighting significant milestones in the continuously developing technology and its spread through all aspects of the communications security industry.
The second chapter starts with explanations of antenna systems, the nature of the propagation of radio waves, the radio spectrum, radio transmitter components, antennas, phase angles, directional characteristics. Other chapters deal with radio directional receivers, frequency and triangulation, data modulation techniques, high speed transmission of digitally time encoded data, communications satellites, portable and covert tracking systems, fleet tracking transmitters, computer assisted radiolocation systems, tracking locators, tracking dogs, chemical tagging, RF identification, coded tracking molecules and compounds, electro-optic tracking systems, GPS tracking systems, parametric locating devices, and of course, spy satellites.
While this is in many ways a teaching manual, it can also serve as an invaluable reference source, because it includes numerous illustrations, photos, tables and charts that provide critical technical data used by various types of systems. The training mannuel is available as an e-book for $25.95 CDN



Expert training and advice

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